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Department of Nutrition


Dietitian contributes effectively and important to improve the patient’s health and prevent medical complications by providing healthy food and prescribing appropriate ways to take it.
The nature of the work of the Department of Nutrition
Work through a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team, especially doctors, nurses, speech therapists and swallowing specialists to assess and diagnose swallowing problems and describe the nature of food and the best way to eat it according to his condition.
Checking the quality and safety of food provided to patients in the hospital.
Evaluate the nutritional status and health status of each patient individually and develop a diet appropriate and beneficial to their condition.
Educate and educate patients individually or collectively about a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle that helps them maintain health and protects them from disease.


About hospital

Medical Rehabilitation Department

The Medical Rehabilitation Department is the largest section of the hospital which will provide comprehensive rehabilitation services for all post-stage patientsAcute accident or illness

Department of hearing and balance

The Hearing and Balance Department provides assistance and rehabilitation to all patients with hearing disabilities of all ages in order to alleviate their suffering and cultivate smiles and hope for them again.

Department of Prosthetics

The Department of Prosthetics provides ambulatory patients with a full range of specialized rehabilitation services to enable them to resume an active and independent life


Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Hospital was established in 2016 by a group of doctors to provide the necessary care for patients

We work with the patient as a family!

We keep abreast of all developments in the field of health to provide you with medical care efficiently and high quality.

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